Incident report

Wild Pony is firmly committed to conducting its operations and business in accordance with rigorous ethical standards and responsible practices.

Through the following channel you can report irregularities related to possible improper behavior that contravenes the laws in force in each country.

What types of behaviors should be reported?

Through this channel, you can report conduct that may constitute a breach of current legislation and the internal regulations of Show Your Magic Group SL. Specifically, irregularities and non-compliance in the following areas and topics must be reported through this Reporting Channel:

Safety and Health at work, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, harassment based on sex;

Professional development, equal treatment and opportunities, or any form of discrimination;

Relationship with third parties (conflicts of interest, gifts, fraud, corruption, bribery, illicit collections and payments or privileged information and CSR;

Competition Law or Unfair Competition;

Intellectual or industrial property;

Personal data protection;

Non-compliance with legal policies and regulations (labor, fiscal or legal in general);

Environment and sustainability;

Financial issues

In the case of a harassment complaint, the protocol established for such cases will be followed.

What behaviors are NOT covered by this channel?

This channel does not address complaints and claims submitted by customers, which must be channeled through its “Customer Service”.

The channel guarantees anonymity, as well as confidential treatment and without retaliation against any complaint made in good faith.

Complaints channel here