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Wild Pony Women's Jackets

Explore Our Variety of Stylish and Practical Jackets

Discover the collection of women's jackets at Wild Pony, where functionality meets style. Our jackets are designed to provide you with comfort and elegance, no matter the weather or the occasion. From contemporary designs to timeless classics, find the perfect piece that reflects your personal style and accompanies you every day.

Jackets For All Seasons

Light Jackets:

Perfect for the transition between seasons, our light jackets are the ideal complement to your look. Discover fine knit cardigans, trench coats or blazers to complete your total tailored look. Wild Pony's lightweight jackets combine practicality with sophisticated style, ideal for any occasion.

Winter jackets:

When temperatures drop, our winter jackets come into play. Fur or cloth coats with different colors or prints are a must in our winter wardrobe.


Designs that Define Trends

Versatile Styles:

Our jackets come in a variety of styles, from the classic blazer to multi-layer layers for the most special occasions. Each design is designed to be flexible, adapting to both a professional environment and a casual outing. Wild Pony is distinguished by its minimalist, elegant and functional approach, ideal for the adult and versatile woman.

Unique Details:

We pay attention to the details that make our jackets stand out. Find features like innovative closures, special silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts that enhance each design. Thoughtful details such as unexpected pockets, asymmetries and strategic pleats elevate simplicity to sophistication, adding a distinctive touch to each garment.